Campus carry will hurt STEM diversity initiatives

I stopped by the engineering building on campus on Friday morning. There are thousands of kids roaming the hallways really excited about science and learning. Kids of all identities. I have seen more black people in this building in the past 20 minutes than I have ever seen in this building or honestly really anywhere on campus. This is good. This is engineering as a field moving in the right direction.

This is being taken away. The Kansas legislature doesn’t want little black girls to grow up to design robots and know they are smart and capable.

Instead, the Kansas legislature wants to fill the halls of this building with death machines on the hips of neonazis. They want the white supremacists to use this building to design weapons of war.

Campus carry is racist, sexist, and dangerous.

I absolutely CANNOT stop saying that.

Fail campus carry. Oppose the gun lobby.

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