White Paper and Black Ink

What health benefit does requiring white paper and black ink have for a person seeking an abortion? Clearly, none. That’s not what the Kansas GOP has to say though . . .

I watched the livestream of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee this morning. They had a hearing on HB2319 — a bill that would further restrict abortion access in Kansas by doing a number of things:

  1. It would require the consent form that has to be signed and printed 24 hours in advance of an abortion to be on white paper with black ink in Times New Roman font. 
  2. It would require the abortion provider to disclose the name of the physician, when they graduated medical school, how long they have worked at that particular facility, whether the physician is a resident of Kansas, and whether they have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the facility in which they are providing care. This is despite the fact that there are procedures in place for the extremely rare event that follow up care at a hospital is necessary, and when someone graduated from medical school really has no bearing on whether or not they are licensed health care providers in the state of Kansas.

Because of Women’s Whole Health v. Hellerstedt , a 5-3 Supreme Court decision, restrictions on abortion have to have a clear health benefit for the woman seeking an abortion. Attorney Bob Eye testified that this bill does not have clear health benefits for a woman seeking an abortion, as should be blatantly clear to anyone reading the bill.

Kansans for Life says that requiring black ink and 12pt Times New Roman font and white paper is of health benefit to women. Kansans for Life also wants the private information of abortion providers to be publicly available so you don’t even have to express interest in an abortion to get that information. . . probably so something like this can happen again.

Vote NO on HB2319 and Support Planned Parenthood Great Plains.




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