Dear “nice” liberal men who are “on my side”. . . 

Dear “nice” liberal men who are “on my side”. . .

Dear “nice” liberal men who are “on my side”. . . 

Stop telling me what to do. Just stop. 

Before you jump to the comments section to tell me what to do, listen.

Stop giving me unsolicited “suggestions” and “tips” about how to get people to listen to me while you ignore what I’m saying to you. 

Stop telling me that you value my voice and my opinions while you simultaneously criticize how I present my ideas and how my voice sounds. 

Stop accusing me of being too emotional and of not being rational, because you think people (i.e. men) would listen to me more if I presented things in a way that isn’t threatening.

Stop talking over me when I speak and stop saying what I did louder so you can get the credit for it while you claim you’re just “backing me up.” 

Stop acting shocked when I tell you about the sexist behavior of other men. Yes, also your friend you think “probably didn’t mean it that way” or “just couldn’t do that.” 

Just please, stop.  

And if your first reaction to this is to respond by saying “not me!” or “not all men . . .” Stop. Just listen and take it in.  


A woman who is too tired to say this to every man like this in her life individually, so she wrote this for all of you.